I am trainer, coach, nutritional consultant, mother to two furry dogs, wife, Crossfit junkie, fitness model and a firm believer and follower of the paleo lifestyle- hence the blog ;)

I have been following the paleo lifestyle for two years now! I actually started it as a preparation diet for an upcoming figure competition- then of course as soon as I finished my show I fell off the bandwagon. It wasn't until I picked up The Paleo Diet and read it cover to cover while on a road trip that I said "I am getting back on the wagon!!" I suffered from constant stomach aches and after reading the book and realizing that food can affect so many aspects of your life- I choose to give it a try again and noticed I didn't have the stomach aches anymore. I feel so much better, healthier and happy living a paleo lifestyle!

Crossfit Junkie!
Level 1 Certified
CF Running and Endurance Certified
CF Kettlebell Trainer Certified
I also have a basic ACE Trainer Cert that allowed me many years of teaching people how to breath properly, bicep curls and how to use a treadmill.... *gag, cough......gag* BORING
I competed in the 2009 Crossfit Asia Regionals where I placed 2nd.
Last year I had a lot of prior obligations with fitness modeling, but this year I am ready to rock!
I competed in Feb 2011 in the Garage Games scaled division and placed 2nd overall out of 63 ladies!

You can eat paleo and be a fitness model too!! ;)
This photo was right after my first 5 weeks of 100% paleo.
2008 Oxygen Cover Model
2010 Ironman Cover model
2010 Spring Edition LifeStyle Magazine- Optimum Nutrition
2011 Flex Magazine January Edition- 3 page layout for winning month #3 of the flex online bikini contest
Optimum Nutrition and American Bodybuilding Sponsored Athlete
2010 Bodyspace Spokesmodel Winner
2011 Team Bodybuilding.com

Personal Records: 
Squat 205
Deadlift 255
Clean 145
OHS 150
Jerk 155 (behind the neck)
Press 95
Fran 4:49
Helen 9:28

5 ft 1 3/4in

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